Villemor Amaral Advogados has 114 years of history, presently being among the most renowned law firms in Brazil.


Our mission is to build relationships and consistent results, based on legal excellence, commitment and experience in business demand.


Our vision is to be recognized as the firm that uses its experience to build bridges, relationships and individualized solutions.


Excellence, Transparency, Righteousness and Commitment.

The Firm was founded by the renowned commercial law lawyer Hermano de Villemor Amaral in 1909. Since then, Villemor Amaral Advogados has being consistently growing and expanding its practice, attracting Brazilian and international clients, partners, and governmental entities. 

We are a comprehensive Firm specializes in multidisciplinary operations, with the core purpose of acting as an extension of our clients’ legal department.

Today, Villemor Amaral Advogados has offices in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, with over 300 deeply skilled professionals. We have a multidisciplinary, specialized team with solid technical and economics knowledge capable of providing a one-to-one, customized service in all types of matters.

We have a creative and proactive collaboration culture, which is targeted at boosting our clients’ businesses and opportunities. Therefore, our partners keep track of and conduct the activities concerned in any issue we are entrusted with.

To represent our clients with excellence, we invest in the professional qualification of our lawyers, who are graduated from the best Brazilian and international universities, besides making a wide legal literature collection available through our private libraries.

Our accumulated experience combined with our solid evolution and result efficiency makes Villemor Amaral Advogados an unique Firm.